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Family Tree and associated notes.


Circa 1881 Katherine (Osyth`s mother) now runs her fathers farm becoming joint owner with Alice her sister.
500 acres 40 employees.

Her father Thomas a JP and Barrister in North Hill Colchester.

So being the only child, St osyth parents seems to be the direct line to her substantial wealth

This chart shows the incorrect assumption that St Osyth was wealthy because of the connection of her Father to the Swan Hunter Shipyard.
In 100% of cases, it is documented this way on the Internet

St Osyth grandfather was James Howard a man of substantial means

James Howard
c1822 Born at Bedford the son of John Howard and his wife Elizabeth
1841 Living at High Street, Bedford with parents and siblings

1851 Living at High Street, Bedford (age 29 born Bedford), Ironfounder employing 80 men. With wife Mahala H. (age 25 born Essex - listed as blind or deaf and dumb) and daughter Alice (age 2) and brother Frederick (age 23 born Bedford), Partner with brother, unmarried. Also a journeyman and two apprentices plus two servants.

1857 James and his brother Frederick Bought 20 acres of land and built the Brittania Iron and Steel Works. Opened in 1859.
James and his brother also were owners of Agricultural and General Engineers Ltd,

1861 Living at 26 St. John's Street, Bedford (age 39 born Bedford), Agricultural Implement Maker employing 400 men and boys. With wife Mahala (age 35 born St. Osyth, Essex - listed as blind or deaf and dumb) and children Alice (age 12), Catherine (age 7), James H. (age 3). Also a visitor and three servants.

1871 Living at Lissence(?) Lodge, Eastbourne (age 49 born Bedford), M.P. and Agricultural Engineer employing 700 hands, landowner and farmer of 600 acres and employing 20 men and 10 boys. Captain 9th Beds R.V. With wife Matrald (age 45 born St. Aryth, Essex - shown as disabled) and children Alice (age 22), Katherine (age 17 - shown as disabled), Emily H. (age 7), Geoffrey (age 5). Five servants.

1881 Living at Clapham Park, Bedford (age 59 born Bedford), M.P. and Manufacturer of Agricultural Implements. Also a farmer of 605 acres of which 50 acres own land employing 32 men, 8 boys and 1 woman. Living with wife Mahala (age 55 born St Osyth, Essex) and children Geoffrey (age 15), Alice (age 30), Katherine (age 25). Five servants and a visitor

1889 January 25th. Died

(Courtesy of Ancestry.com)

Funeral of St Osyth`s mother, Katherine
Died 1933

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