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Updates to Bures at War, USAAF Station 526 2nd Edition.
A5 size


Misc Chapter updates ( 20/7/21)

Page 61 update, Full text by Mary Laurie ( 02/11/21)

Page 139: RAF Fauld, Munitions Depot Explosion (19/12/2021)

Chapter 10 First paragraph update (22/12/2021)


All this information has now been incorporated into the 3rd Edition issue


Bures at War. USAAF Station 526, 3rd Edition
A5 Size

Published 25th February 2022
This edition was virtually rewritten
due to the large volume of new material and
correcting minor errors

The items listed below arrived after the book was published

USAAF departure from Butlers by Mary Laurie

Final Site Clearance

Disposal of Munitions to Harwich

Twinstead Cemetery on the four brothers who were killed

Page 56:- Butlers Farm additional Nissen Huts

Memories of Loveney Hall

New image of Munitions parked by the roadside

Chapter 17 Pebmarsh Wood Update

Mary Laurie in Durban, SA

Chapter 17, Paper Mache Fuel Tanks


Chapter 11
1944 Aerial Photograph taken by the USAAF
Red Arrow indicates Butlers Farm
If you zoom in, the white dots represent Bomb Stackes
Nurses Wood clearly visible which was full of Munitions


There will be no 4th Edition, due to the enormous time it takes preparing a book for publication
All incoming new material will be available to download from this page


Updates to Bures at War, Life in the Village
A4 Size

LINK:- Dedication of CWGC Engraved Tablet on Katherine's Carr`s grave ( 18/08/21)
This took me in excess of five years to persuade the CWGC, that Katherine's grave deserved official recognition
with an engraved headstone.
However, I am still waiting for Official CWGC signs, to be erected at the Cemetery entrance along Cuckoo Hill.

Katherine Carr page 136 update (29/09/21)

Anderson Shelter, Page 72

Warships Fortnight page 55 (22/10/2021)


Link to Chambers Pill Box Demolition Quotations (01/01/2023)

Link to the British Resistance Organisation web site (08/12/2021)

The local Women's Land Army Hostel at Leavenheath(08/12/20)


Updated 01/01/2023