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Thomas Wood was the well known composer and known world wide as
"THE MAN WHO ARRANGED THE MUSIC TO AUSSIES 'NATIONAL ANTHEM'' - Waltzing Matilda which he wrote during 1941.

Dr Wood arranged it from a text version given to him by the publican of the North Gregory Hotel in Queensland, c.1930.

He also wrote a woodwind quintet entitled "The Brew House at Bures". the Brewhouse was a seventeenth century wing of Parsonage Hall where Thomas frequently sat enjoying the tranquility in front of a blazing fire.

During a thirty year period he produced a series of works:-

Forty Singing Seamen (1925),
A Seaman's Overture (1927),
Daniel and the Lions (1938),
Chanticleer (1947),
The Rainbow (1951)

A Tale of Dunkirk
Master Mariners

Suffolk Punch (1930)
St George's Day
Six Bells/;
an arrangement of Greensleeves
Two Fanfares for an ensemble of mixed wind, brass and percussion
The Brew House at Bures
and not forgetting Waltzing Matilda


Another one of his works, for a male voice choir called "Salt Beef", is still currently available from the publishers "Bell and Stainer" in 2009.
ref:- http://www.stainer.co.uk/acatalog/choral_male.html

Published 02/02/2017