Newspaper Cuttings from"The Longreach Leader"
(Downloaded from the Australian National Archives and in no particular date order)


The Longreach Leader (Qld. :1923-1938) Saturday 11 February 1939 p 7 Article

... BRITISH COMPOSER RECORDS PIXIE MUSIC. Dr. Thomas Wood, the British composer, declares that his ... continued Dr. Wood, have heard the voices. Elven sceptics had confessed themselves mystified. What is more remarkable, the voices have been heard distinctly by a completely deaf woman guest. Once Dr. ... 215 words


The Longreach Leader (Qld. :1923-1938) Friday 12 September 1930 p 17 Article

... hearing owing to the echoes which bounded round when a person was speaking. Dr. Thomas Wood, ... 649 words

·  Social and Personal

The Longreach Leader (Qld. :1923-1938) Friday 22 August 1930 p 12 Article

... Social and Personal Dr. Thomas "Wood, examiner for the Royal College of Music, spent last Friday ... minutes spent there were not onlj instructive but most entertaining. Dr Wood is a Master of Arts, a ... A.R.C.M. When asked to say some' thing about his day's work Dr. Wood sale the pupils, generally, ... 2959 words

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·  Social and Personal

The Longreach Leader (Qld. :1923-1938) Friday 15 August 1930 p 19 Article

... Lindsay, motored Eastfield during the week and ure expec home at this week-end . Dr. Thomas Wood, ... Mr's.'"Mellie Munro, Misses Enid Aland, Mary Armstrong. Messrs. Hugh C. Ädrairi, Norman Fowke, Thomas CV ... George Grey. Dr. G. A.?''Jamieson was the Lecturer, and Dr. C. V. Watson Drown the ' Examiner. ... 2287 words