Newspaper Cuttings from"The Australian Womens Weekly"
(Downloaded from the Australian National Archives and in no particular date order)

"Cobbers" author re-discovers English martial song

The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982) Saturday 6 May 1944 p 13 Article Illustrated

... ^Cobbers99 author re-discovers English martial sang By MARY COLES Dr. Thomas Wood, noted English ... ber," Dr. Thomas Wood, now revisiting the Commonwealth on behalf of the British Government. delighted ... When Dr. Wood rescued it from' obscurity lt struck him as the ideal British marching song. Recordings ... 669 words

On and Off Duty.

The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982) Saturday 17 June 1944 p 16 Article Illustrated

... On Wolf DUT*. A MUSED when Dr. Thomas Wood decides / to call Bush Book Club "B.B.C." be- cause he ... Lady Gowrie at History House. Dr. Wood jokingly "commands" guests at the meet- ing to go to their ... hurst for members of Parliament- ary delegation from United King- dom. Dr. Edith Summerskill centre ... 911 words

On and Off DUTY.

The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982) Saturday 27 May 1944 p 16 Article Illustrated

... bridegroom's mother, Mrs. Athol Tier, and Dr. Thomas Wood at luncheon on Sunday following wed- ding before Dr. Wood leaves for Sydney, where he is guest at Ad- miralty House. VEWSY letter received by ... Frazer, daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Ewan Frazer, of Sydney, and East Grinstead, Sussex, leaving ... 1036 words

Save Our Ships is Manly's message

The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982) Wednesday 9 January 1963 p 8 Article Illustrated

... of the city's life. One visitor, Dr. Thomas Wood, wrote in his book, "Cobbers," in 1934: "Sydney has ... along on a sea of troubles. Dr. Wood, dead now, who saw them as elixirs of young life, would* be sad. ... 1123 words


The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982) Saturday 11 July 1936 p 2 Article Illustrated

... Thomas Wood calls "the finest in Australia." But Western Queensland ls not the dull, uninteresting ... scientist, Dr. R. J. Tillyard, who picks on Queensland, and says that some of the country towns of that ... SMITH, Wife of the Premier of Queensland DR. TILLYARD'S criticism cannot be allowed to go ... 2275 words


The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982) Saturday 26 May 1934 p 29 Article Illustrated

... bright and successful affair. The other was receiving an autographed copy of Dr Thomas Wood's recently-published "Cobbers." Dr. Wood, who was in Sydney two years ago as chief examiner for the Royal ... Henderson, secretary of the Board of Social Studies in Melbourne. Dr. Muriel Rippin, Miss Woods, an ... 1783 words

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"Danced off to the wars" "Cobbers" Wood writes new book

The Australian Women's Weekly (1932-1982) Saturday 18 January 1941 p 26 Article Illustrated

... written a letter to Lady Gowrie, president of the Australian Red Cross, as foreword to Dr. Thomas ... the Australian Red Cross. DR. WOOD, who made a host of Australian friends with his first book, ... taller brother lost. The shorter brother won. Off he went." Dr. Wood quotes a letter from Tony Onraet, a ... 703 words