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Dr Thomas Wood opens "Bures Wings Week"

Real "Cobber” At the Bures "Wings Week" Opening

"Bures" is one the most remarkable villages In this country, it is •cheerful, alive and it gets things done. This week it is going to make its mark with walloping big contribution of thankfulness the RAF. With these words Dr. Thomas Wood opened Bures' "Wings for Victory” Week in the presence a great assembly the School on Saturday afternoon. Accompanying Dr. Wood was Flying Officer Alan Tnggs, DFC, of the Royal Australian Air Force, who was on leave. "It may be," Dr. Wood remarked with a chuckle, "that his next Job will be the delivery of the Bures bomb on Berlin."

A most enthusiastic welcome was accorded Flying Officer Triggs, who spoke for brief while of his experiences aloft, treating with the calmness so characteristic of the Air Force the dangers and privations met with at times. For instance, he mentioned that while out recently on anti-U-boat patrols he and his crew, after destroying a U-boat, were forced land the sea. "We were picked up after being afloat five and a half days in our dinghy. Then returned to our squadron and got on with the Job.” Flying Officer Triggs said his squadron alone had destroyed enough U-boats to make Hitler think. "And,” he added, "he is losing them so fast now that there is no doubt about whose morale will crumple first.” Flying Officer Triggs said he wished to express thanks on behalf of the RAF, for the efforts being made In those special drives provide them with more and better planes and equipment.


In thanking Flying Officer Triggs, Mrs. Margaret Hitchcock said they thoroughly appreciated his self-sacrifice in giving up part of his leave to attend their ‘'Wings for Victory" Week opening ceremony, and they were glad to have brought home to them what It meant.
In endurance and determination to obtain the victory which those who were winning it had to undergo. Mrs. Hitchcock also thanked Dr. Wood, who had so successfully produced "cobber" in their midst. One of the joint treasurers for the Week, Mr. L. E. Mansfield, seconding, said- they could best show Flying Officer how sincere was their gratitude by hitting the target of £6,000 In the shortest possible time. The crowd signalled their approval of this idea in no uncertain way, and followed with a terrific cheer special greeting to Australia.
Later Flying Officer Trlggs acceded to many requests to autograph books.


Before the opening ceremony the band of the Dorsetshire Regiment headed a procession round the village. Taking part were the Home Guard, immediately followed by the A.T.C., who had charge of a bomb which was later plastered with stamps for its delivery on Berlin. Then came the Brownies. Women's Land Army, Civil Defence units, the WI. Jam Centre and Pies and Salvage Sections, the Young Farmers, Chlldren s Savings Club, the British Restaurant, Red Cross Penny-a- Week Fund, the Girl Guides, the Pig and Rabbit Clubs, with the N.F.S. bringing up the rear. The procession was supervised by Bures Special Constables. After being entertained to tea at the British Restaurant by the W.V.S. the band, under Bandmaster Webb, played up and down the village, their selections including the Suffolk, Essex and Dorsetshire Regimental Marches. the evening large numbers were again seen in the Nayland Road, this, time making their way to the Victory Hall, where Bures Dramatic Society were presenting Ireland Wood's comedy, "Charity Begins"


There was a church parade on Sunday arranged by the British Legion and the Home Guard. On Monday grand dance, for which first-class London bend had been specially engaged, drew large crowd to the Victory Hall, and the Entertainment's Commits who organised it, were able to hand over £19 from this effort. Mock auctions, which played a great part in previous Savings campaigns, will again be a feature during this Week. They made a good start the Monday night dance, a bottle of port and some eggs producing over £6O. Mr. Manfred Hitchcock is again acting as auctioneer. The whole of the Week's organisation has been in the hands of committee, with Mr. Hugh Creek Chairman, Mr.F.B.B Harman, secretary, Messrs, H. E. Mansfield and P. Baker, joint hon. treasurers, and three sub-committees— Financial. Entertainments and Publicity—under the chairmanship of Messrs. Harman, Mansfield and E. Wright. Functions during the Week are being undertaken the various parish organisations.

The Village Savings Group set -self itself a target of £2OO. This was completely smashed on Mondav night with a total of £320.


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