Portraits of St Osyth Mahala Eustace Wood

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Charcoal Portraits of St Osyth Wood

Mrs St  Osyth Wood painted by Kathleen Shackleton

Charcoal portrait of St. Osyth which was drawn by Kathleen Shackleton (1884 - 1961, sister of the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and successful portrait artist in England and Canada.
The sitting was in Wormingford Grove, Essex where she lived before marriage with her parents after they left London.

This portrait originally was displayed in Parsonage Hall.
When St Osyth decided to leave and move to Oxford in 1966 she donated this portrait to Alfred Hume, her devoted handyman and gardener.

Today this is owned by Alfreds son Neville, in Sutton Coldfield

On the rear it states:_

St Osyth Mahala Eustace Smith
Drawn 1921
Dr Wood

During 2007 another portrait was uncovered when clearing the house of Dorothy Eaves, St Osyth`s housekeeper

On the reverse it reads:-
St Osyth Mahala Eustace Wood
Drawn 1921
Dr Wood


Now as St Osyth did not get married until 1924 the surname is incorrect, if it was drawn in 1921.

This leaves the question "why a second portrait ?"

Reads:- To Mrs Dorothy Eves with best wishes from Thomas Wood, Bures


The portrait was framed by Ryman & Co of Oxford
I believe the reason for not being framed locally, was because Dr Wood in 1920 became a Doctor of Music at Oxford.
Consequently, he would have been living in the Oxford at the time.

Records indicate Rymans were located at 23 High St, Oxford between 1909 and 1968.

No connections that I can find with todays Rymans Stationers.



Art Dealer Magazine circa 1925

Although the prtrait is dated 1921, was that the date it was framed ?
It would have been ideal if Rymans were still trading to see iif they could confirm a specific date from their records
Unfortunately, they ceased trading in 1968

Note:-Kathleen Shackleton (1884-1961) was born in Dublin, Ireland and lived in London, England. She was the sister of the famous Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. She immigrated to Canada in 1912 where she settled in Montreal and produced and exhibited numerous paintings. She returned to England in 1916 and stayed until the late 1920's before eventually returning to Canada. She became known for her skillfully drawn pastel portraits. Her sitters were people from all walks of life and her clients came mainly from Montreal and the surrounding area.

Between 1930 and 1938 Shackleton executed a series of cultural portraits which were used by the Canadian Pacific Railway to promote folkdance, folksong, and handicraft festivals.

Katherine has one portrait on display in the National Portrait Gallery, see above LINK

Another example of Kathleens work in the Victoria and Albert Museum LINK
A striking resemblance to the local 2007 Portrait

act Sculpture of "Osyth" by Joxe de Alberdi
Further information on Joxe

Research by Alan Beales .webmaster
Acknowledgement to Amanda and Neville Hume of Sutton Coldfield for all their valuable help.
Acknowledgement to Jean Howe for the B& W portrait, Bures
Rymans location:- http://www.oxfordhistory.org.uk/high/tour/north/023.html